We produce furniture of any complexity. We use hardware of leading manufacturers and analogues that are not significantly inferior in quality.

The furniture is made to order using the following materials: solid wood, euro timber, carpentry board, chipboard, CPD, MDF, plywood.

Coloring products with using high quality materials is made in the paint shop. If necessary, paintworks are performed on the object. But such works are possible, when the coating is made with various oils and waxes.

The production of elite furniture is interesting for us, because that work allows us to use the entire professional level and experience of our craftsmen. Talking about elite furniture we mean the classic one first of all.


Long-term cooperation with leading manufacturers allows us to make furniture according to any of your requests. Choose any furniture catalog, or a photo of the furniture you like and we will replicate it exactly using original materials and hardware!


We can manufacture a huge variety of furniture, e.g. kitchens, hallways, cabinets, walk-in closets, etc. Hardware and design elements are used in agreement with the customer. We use the hardware from world leading manufacturers (Blum, Häfele, etc), that guarantee the durability of the product. We use wood, natural and artificial stone, carpentry, MDF and CPD in furniture production. We also offer services for the assembly of domestic and foreign leading manufacturers’ furniture, which belongs to the “Elite” class. The assembly of that furniture is by force the professional assemblers only.


We will professionally assembly furniture of the domestic and global leading manufacturers. We guarantee build quality. If necessary, we will provide a full range of related services: production and replacement of damaged parts, replacement of hardware, designer services, warranty and post-warranty service.

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