Staircases are divided into three main types by their aesthetic perception: 1) Staircase “The Calling Card”. 2) Staircase “Design Solution”. 3) Technical ladder. All types of staircases must also conform to building regulations and standards.

Wooden Staircases

Staircase manufacturing of any complexity!

The staircase is a constructive solution giving the opportunity to climb or descend somewhere. It may be made in wood, metal, stone, concrete and other materials.

1. “The staircase is the calling card of the house”. This is a staircase that welcomes guests and it is a separate item in the interior and exterior. The staircase itself offers elegance and completeness of the idea. It’s kind of a unique element in the general design idea of the house.

2. “Staircase is a design solution”. This is a staircase that is an item of the interior. It is included in the overall concept of design solutions.

3. “Technical ladder” is a ladder with an exclusively operational function. The visual impression of it doesn’t matter.


NEW! Cast iron staircase manufacturing and installation

There is a combined modular cast iron staircase. Most of all a staircase becomes the most difficult and problematic stages in the construction of a private house. At the same time, the staircase is often the “calling card” of the interior and exterior. Construction cast iron elements and products have always been a symbol of aristocratic classicism.

Our product is a tandem of modernization and preservation of all attributes of the classic construction. “Modular elements” let us simplify the assembly process and minimize the amount of trash and dust during work. They are also helping to save time. “Wooden décor elements” emphasize harmoniously the individuality of the product and functional comfort. Colouring solutions for the staircases are simply limitless, including gilding and patina.
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