Our company was founded in 1992. A huge amount of work was done during this time. There are industrial constructions, construction of private houses, repair works, restoration works, among them. We also offer wooden, metal, cast iron, combined and concrete staircase manufacturing, interior and exterior items, furniture, windows, doors and sliding systems production, etc.
Throughout our work, we worked at our construction sites, as we collaborated with other building companies and organizations. Some of them have gone away. The others are our business partners utill now. For example, we work with “DOMDERG”, “Style D” and “Alexander”. Cooperative projects with these companies are also presented on our website.
Recently, we have focused our activities on the staircases, furniture, doors and windows production. We also produce interior and exterior items perform restoration and general construction works.
We have everything necessary to perform all that work: the Diplomas of civil engineers, knowledge of the regulatory framework of the construction industry, the availability of experience and ours and our contractors and subcontractors production capacities.


We may affirm that all the works we have done or produced are met the high-quality standards. The main reason for this is that we respect our customers and want to face them without shame. Of course, the regulatory framework and knowledge gained in OGASA and extensive experience in construction gives us the opportunity to perform complex and exclusive works. Photos and videos of our facilities you may check on our website.


The times went away when more than one generation of people had built constructions for many years. Today there is hardly anyone willing to wait. So we can not only designate the deadlines of execution and commissioning but also execute them with accuracy up to 10%. It is possible thanks to a scientific approach to the organization of the construction process, objective planning and timely funding.


All warranty obligations are spelt out in current Ukrainian domestic legislation. And if some unscrupulous manufacturer doesn’t wish to carry them out, so the customer has the opportunity to request them in the manner prescribed by law. We are not the exception too. We make every effort so our customer remembers only good things about us. And when he needs our services we offer a warranty and post-warranty service at all our facilities.